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Business strategy is a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal or set of goals or objectives. We at Fintel assist you in tactically planning and matching your strengths with the available opportunities and beyond. This is effectively executed by gathering, assimilating, screening and analyzing information about the business environment. The information thus obtained, equips you with a comprehensive insight into the existing as well as forecasted market conditions and thereby becomes the basis of all your business planning strategies. Fintel possesses the necessary expertise and experience to enable your organization to effortlessly sail through start-up and growth phases. Our Strategic Consulting Services are tailored to give you a headspring your venture, while minimizing the risk and uncertainty surrounding your business thus giving you the edge over your competitors and enabling you be a leader in your domain.

Incubation and Start up Advisory

Start Without Surprises

Under the domain of Startup Advisory, we, at Intolerable entrepreneurs, who have innovative business ideas and domain expertise to create and build successful enterprises. We help you in devising your approach of setting up your own enterprise while offering complete support for the effective implementation and successful execution of your business plans. Our objective is to strengthen your spirit of entrepreneurship as well as ensure a flying start to your dream project while equipping you with the required support system to stabilize and grow your business.

Business Operations Services

Typically meant for medium-sized organizations, Business Operations Services are designed to enable and smoothen operations, and include:

Business Opportunity Services

Core CFO Services

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a company understands, and is involved in crucial business aspects such as planning, budgeting, cash flow management, arranging required funds, setting up systems and procedures, accounting, legal, statutory and tax compliance's, etc. Start-ups and SME's need the services of an experienced CFO on their journey toward success and growth. Not all companies require a full time CFO, but they would defiantly benefit from a CFO expertise. Hence, in order to bridge the gap, Fintel Solutions will provide the required CFO services on a shared-time basis.

Arrangements for Term and Working Capital funding

Fintel Solutions has extensive experience working with banks and other financial institutions. We also have a good grasp of the requirements and needs of lending institutions as well as that of the borrower. We help organizations arrange term and working capital funding.

Compensation and Performance Appraisal Systems

Critical HR aspects such as compensation plans, ESOPs, performance appraisal systems etc, are often left behind in the company's initial growth phase, where the focus is on cash flows and customer acquisitions. Fintel Solutions designs and implements best HR practices including fitment for companies who are in this stage of the organization lifecycle.

Compliance's management is a critical component of the internal control processor any business and a prerequisite for assessing corporate governance standards Management is thus a specialized responsibility, which calls for an understanding of the legal, statutory and regulatory framework and its impact on business. Fin tel possesses the necessary expertise to advise, administer and handle compliance's services for your organization.

We provide the following services to ensure compliance:

Statutory Registrations & Approvals

  • Direct & Indirect Taxes.
  • Labor Laws.
  • Industry specific registrations.

Statutory Registrations & Approvals

  • IPR Registrations.
  • ROC/MCA Compliance.
  • FEMA Advisory & Compliance.
  • Consultancy in EOU, STPI & SEZ.
  • Consultancy on Corporate Governance.

Periodic Return filings under Statutory Acts viz.

  • Direct Taxes.
  • Central Excise, Service Tax, VAT, PT, CST.
  • Provident Fund, ESIC.
  • Factories & Labor Act.

Assurance has grown beyond the finance function and encompasses other functions like HR, legal etc. Fintel possesses the necessary proficiency to carry out complex audits and reviews related to HR, finance, legal. Our services under this domain are customized to meet the precise requirements of your organization so as to enable stakeholders have an unbiased picture of the existing conditions in the most vital departments of your organization. Further, we add value by making intelligent recommendations and improvements that could benefit you immensely.

Our assurance services primarily include

  • Internal Audit/ Concurrent Audit.
  • Management / Operational Audit.
  • Diagnostic Audit under various Statutes.
  • Fraud Investigation.
  • Risk based Audit.
  • Due diligence for investment, takeovers, or for franchisees / dealers.
  • Software Audit.
  • Proxy Management Services
  • Risk Mitigation Services

As a business owner one needs to know the real & accurate financial data of the business with zero distortions. We provide accounting management solutions so as to ensure position the accounts reflect the true &correct of the business.

Accounting and payroll computation are tasks, which are essential to a business organization and yet form its non-core segment. These are not only complex but also time-consuming the time invested in these can be better invested in establishing the business and the resources devoted therein could be divested to deepen the core competencies of your organization.

As an integrated service provider, Fintel will ensure that the accounting and payroll systems at your organization are properly designed to meet your present and future needs, monitor the effectiveness of internal controls, and provide advice on operational efficiency within your organization.

  • Accounting & Payroll Implementation.
  • Invoice Management Services.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Compensation Structuring.
  • Accounting & Payroll Resourcing.

The ability to attract, retain and nurture talent is increasingly becoming a source of competitive advantage for business. Accordingly, the HR objectives of any company need to align with the aspirations of employees as well as the business.This can be a daunting task for most companies, especially for start-ups and those that haven't established their brand yet.Fintel provides your organization an array of Human Resource services with the fundamental objective of strengthening its relationship with people who matter most to its success- your employees. Our wide-range of services in this domain redesigned primarily to result in a quantitative and qualitative growth of your human capital while enabling your organization manage all its HR objectives in a time and cost efficient manner.

  • Setup of HR Policies.
  • HR Consulting.
  • HR Support.
  • Defining effective compensation plans for termination benefits

Manage by Numbers

A management information system (MIS) provides information needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively by for transforming data into useful information for better decision making. Management information systems involves produce fixed, regularly scheduled reports based on data extracted and summarized from the firm's underlying financial records to middle and operational level managers to identify and inform structured and semi-structured decision problems. MIS 3600 is a business model focused MIS system to help make the decision making process simpler and better. It primarily assists the management in

  • Identify business issues.
  • Monitoring costs and offerings.
  • Having continuous improvement.
  • Expand KPI - Key Performance Indicators.
  • CSF Critical Success Factors.
  • Summary written Reports for Executive Decision Making.

Scope and Methodology

  • Develop business KPI's.
  • Develop smart & quick MIS across functions.
  • Monthly MIS analysis (on demand) also and identify areas of improvement.
  • Monitor Improvement Initiatives.

Standard Products and Services

  • Annual Budgeting and Cost Cutting.
  • Preparation of Project Reports for Loans.
  • Business Loans Services, Letter of Credit Services, Debt services.
  • Working Capital Management.
  • Capital Restructuring Services.
  • Review and Negotiation of Letters of Credit.
  • Review Customer Credit Worthiness.
  • Transfer Pricing.